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Message to Reps

“Pledge to our Reps”

  • Timely quotes
  • Competitive commission
  • Expert technical support
  • Provide competitive pricing
  • Clear territorial strategy plan
  • Promote co-marketing efforts
  • On time commission payments
  • Support excursion to new companies
  • Participating on new product training
  • Strive to understand the rep methods
  • Promptly answer requests for information
  • Visit rep’s territory at least once a year
  • Provide all necessary tools for NTFB products & services
  • To be part of NTFB’s territorial situation analysis
  • Establish mutual goals and clear set expectations
  • Market development and Sales Promotion Incentive
  • Always included when communicating with clients

Working together in offering custom-designed

products to better serve our customers.


NTFB. Dependable combustion technology.

Sold directly to our NTFB Partners. Manufactured in the US and customized to your needs.