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Company Overview

NTFB Corporate Statement

NTFB take advantage of the latest technology to improve its design and fabrication process, making its system more efficient and cost-effective. Our Continuous Improvement Program is an inner part of our team and it is reflected in our work ethics, procedures, systems, products and services.

NTFB Corporate Mission

NTFB provides world class customer support and the finest combustion system at competitive price.

NTFB Corporate Vision

NTFB stand for dynamic innovation in combustion technology.

NTFB Core Values

  • Profitability: Maximizing profits while considering our overall responsibilities
  • People: Become a first-rate global teamwork, inspiring people to be the best they can be
  • Portfolio: Bringing the best equipment brands
  • Partners: Cultivating a winning network of partners and building mutual reliability
  • Responsibility: Being a global citizen advocated to green technology
  • Global: Expand our business worldwide by providing exceptional customer service

Corporate ethics statement

NTFB is committed to Total Customer Satisfaction worldwide, devoting to the highest quality standards to guarantees reliability and safety.

Our value to our customers

  • Understanding and advising on project requirements.
  • Rapid response and adaptability to our client needs
  • Warranty performances of our products
  • Top after-sales services
  • Full qualified and trained engineers
  • Supplement of high-quality parts and accessories
  • Commitments to timing delivery